Saturday, September 6, 2008

Learning By Grace, Inc. is a provider of on line educational solutions for Christian home school families. Through several on line Christian schools offering PreK-12 curriculum for home schooling, Learning By Grace is changing the way people view education.

Learning By Grace is dedicated to providing an affordable Christian home education to families all over the world. The home school curriculum used is comprised of engaging multimedia activities through e texts, workbooks, on line education assignments, video, audio, interactive field trips, and so much more. By providing children with a quality home education, parents can take an active role in instilling Godly values in their children. With just a computer and Internet connection, parents are now able to offer their children something more.

Because the Learning By Grace home school curriculum is so flexible, students are able to work at their own pace. Special needs students and quick learners both are able to achieve academic success by taking as much time as they need to comprehend the course material - no more, no less. Learning By Grace provides an alternative to the negative influences that permeate the nation’s public schools such as worldly thinking, humanist teaching, and moral relativism. Free from peer pressures, distractions, and a rigid educational formula, our home school students can pursue educational excellence.

Christian Home School Programs Managed By Learning By Grace

The MorningStar Academy Home School Program Online. MorningStar's comprehensive Christian on line program provides a state-of-the-art, multimedia-rich interactive experience. Traditional texts are accompanied by CD-ROMS, videos, web adventures make us the most outstanding Christian home school program available.

Home School Program is Safest. Secular influences can rob your children. Our Christian on line program cultivates Biblical values. Keep your precious children safe! Help them to develop a Biblical world view by educating them in an on line Christian program. Our Christian on line program has been designed to meet all of your home schooling needs!

Home School Program offers Biblical Curriculum. The K-12 MorningStar Academy provides not only the best on line education program but everything you need to give your child a world-class Christian education. Earn your High School Diploma on line at our Online High School Program. We Encourage You to Visit The MorningStar Academy Online Home School

The Jubilee Academy Homeschooling

The Jubilee Academy is a nationally recognized, accredited curriculum provider for preschool through 12 families. Jubilee Academy families receive a comprehensive interactive accredited Christian program. For less than what many families spend on books alone, you get everything you need to have a successful academic year.

Students interact with one another through our state of the art learning management system. Kids love our Social Center where they socialize in a safe and Christian environment. Our Teacher/Parent Message Board enables parents to have unlimited interaction with their student's teachers and other Jubilee Academy parents. Parents are always in complete control of your child's education at Jubilee.

The Jubilee Academy offers over 150 accredited preschool through Grade 12 multimedia-rich on line courses, including preschool through high school. The Jubilee Academy gives you up to six courses. Each course contains 180 lessons and runs for 36 weeks. All of our courses are designed from a Christian world view and include a rich collection of videos, graphs, audio files, and off line activities.

Jubilee gives you Daily Online Assignments, a Customized Calendar, Automatic Grading of most tests, Answer Keys, Progress Reports, Grade Records and so much more! You are guaranteed to get all the help you could ever need! We Encourage You to Visit The Jubilee Academy Online Home School

The Grace Academy Homeschooling

The Grace Academy is more than just a school. We provide a fully-featured educational framework that is changing the way that people think about education. Our cutting-edge technology allows parents to provide their children with a world-class private Christian education at a fraction of the cost of traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Unlike other homeschooling curricula, we do not just provide textbooks. We provide a variety of educational tools, materials, and services which home schoolers all over the world use to achieve academic excellence.

The Grace Academy gives you the best qualities of Christian Curriculum,
Private Tutoring and Online Homeschooling Programs. You receive powerful
on line tools, expertise and gentle assistance that will enable you to give your
student a quality education. The Grace Academy teaching teams are available
during regular hours to help students and their parents.
The Grace Academy gives you daily/weekly homeschooling lesson plans for every course,
helping your student successfully complete the school year. A comprehensive selection of home
education courses that cover many academic topics, including electives; choose up to 6 each
year, creating a customized course of study. The Grace Academy Teaching Teams are available
on line during school hours for an unlimitednumber of questions. Teaching teams provide
homeschooling assignments, tests, quizzes, projects and curriculum. We Encourage You to
Visit The Grace Academy
Online Home School

Our Learning Management System enables us to synthesize all of the branches of our organization so that we can provide an efficient, quality, hassle-free service to you. This on line home schooling system coordinates all of our course material, scheduling, grading, administrative tasks, record-keeping, progress reporting, and other efforts. With this cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide parents with all the information they need for a top-tier on line home schooling experience.

Visit us and make a wise decision for your student today. Select a Learning By Grace Managed Christian Home Academy today for your child's future tomorrow. Click on the banner or link of your choice.

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